Reactception ft. TWICE

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Down the TWICE reaction rabbit hole!

Posted 4 months ago in Music & Audio

Pete Longchar 4 months ago

Next video "Twice reacts to Reactors reacting to Twice reacting to Twice reacting to Reactors" ...
Jk .... I'll see myself out-

Vincent Ang 4 months ago

Hi Twice, I am Once, remember once upon a time I love U but you never bother to turn back and see my face for once.

Harun Talikov 4 months ago

Wow this is super important =/

Melchor P. Orellanida 4 months ago

Wahhhfzsksksksksks 😲😲😲😲😲

Lauern Walker 4 months ago


Totzkie Fabian 4 months ago

Alan bwahahaha

Gerald Castillano 4 months ago

My mind atm: 😵‍💫