Literally living on the edge 不

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Literally living on the edge 不

Posted 4 months ago in Animals & Pets

Nick Davies 4 months ago

What a great vid, obviously loves his master ! Brilliant!

Donna Stoate 4 months ago

Her name is Titti, and sadly she died a while back. The owner has a new dog now though. X

Terry Davies 4 months ago

This is St Peters Pool in Malta. The dog and his owner have been going there day in day out for yrs. Used to take my boys there when they were young.

Sylvie Davies 4 months ago

This dog died a while back he has got another dog who does the same thing

Michelle Green 4 months ago

Definitely, don't think Jett would stop before jumping though.

Kirsty Pike 4 months ago

Tara Pike this dog is cute

Rachael Barber 4 months ago

Your dog will defo be like this Charlotte Ingham

Samantha Kay 4 months ago

Jon Smith

Ellen Yates 4 months ago

Harrison Frost haze