It's Time For Change

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You have my voice. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Posted 1 year ago

Kurt Tocci 1 year ago

MAKE a change.

Kurt Tocci 1 year ago

Here is info on where you can donate ❤️

Kurt Tocci 1 year ago

To put things into a different perspective, take the phrase "Ladies First"
A gentleman, always lets the lady, go first. But some think, boys should go first.
Do you know WHY the lady goes first? The reason why is, for some boys, girls don't get to go at all.
So when it comes to "Black Lives Matter"
I think what those writing "all lives matter", need to understand, is that for some people. For some people. Black lives don't matter at all.

So for US,
Black Lives Mattter.

so while you may have the best intentions by saying "All Lives Matter" remember, for some people black lives dont matter at all.

Kurt Tocci 1 year ago

I'm just gunna leave this, here.

Markian 1 year ago

Thank you for using your platform to bring awareness and your donation matching is admirable. Let's fight this together 🖤

Lisa Angelone-Guglielmina 1 year ago

Thank you Kurt. You are correct that your platform will reach so many. Thank you for your wisdom, and compassion. We are all in this together even if some think they aren't or don't want to be, they still are in it, because it is all around us. Thank you again. 💜

Maria Christina 1 year ago

So, Kurt...I'm not usually one for social media. I happened upon you via my daughter who adored your Disney montages. However I have absolute respect for your impassioned and, in my opinion, accurate response to what is happening here. I salute you for using your platform for such good. Yes all lives matter, ffs that's not the issue here...until black lives are equal to all then our world continues to fail at its most basic requirement. We are one.

Angie Swaim 1 year ago

What I love about you is your compassion and commitment to making the people that watch you happy and welcome. The message is so simple, “Love one another” that’s all. It’s not hard. ❤️

Ashley Prebish 1 year ago

I truly couldn’t have said any of this better you are an amazing person

Zara Louise Taylor 1 year ago

I could not of explained that better myself. Every single word you said is my literal opinion on this aswell.. thank you for using your platform to raise this. It really is such a horrible thing to be going on but they so badly want to be heard and I completely stand with you on that. 💙✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🙏🖤