COVID in the US | Anti-lockdown activists burn face masks in New York

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Anti-lockdown demonstrators set face masks on fire in a New York City park, condemning COVID restrictions. It wasn’t just burning that occurred at the...

Posted 11 months ago in Social Issues

Jonas Lundberg 11 months ago

And just some months ago there was a shortage of PPE all over the world. This is idiotic and shameful beyond words.

Martin McDonnell 11 months ago

How many people do you know owho work in the NHS or have had the covid, I know a few people who have had it or work in the NHS and said this is a scary situation and they don't wish it on anyone, but until someone gets it who they care about/love they might think twice.

Phill Buckley 11 months ago

They are researched well read and “NOT” mislead! They know the Government is lying to them. I only wish everybody did 🙏

Kathy Penney 11 months ago

This is what should be happening to used masks, anyway. If the authorities really wanted to convince us that the virus is as deadly and contagious as they keep telling us it is, they would long ago have put special biohazard waste bins in all public places along with heavy fines for anyone caught discarding a mask on the ground or in a supermarket trolley.

Rez Karim 10 months ago

Here are some peer-reviewed scientific FACTS about face masks -

Excerpts from the article:
“So, do masks work? Well, as shown in studies #1, #2 and #3 above, the claim ‘masks prevent viral infections’ remains far from settled. All three papers point to a lack of conclusive studies demonstrating the effectiveness of face masks in preventing viral infections. It’s also important to note that studies #2 and #3 specifically examine all available peer reviewed papers on face masks efficacies; and they both unanimously state that no study established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against viral infections.”

Read full article here:

Martin McDonnell 11 months ago

How about all thoes who is against wearing face mask sign a disclaimer saying that they will not require or receive any medical treatment if they get the symptoms of covid ( I'm on the garden fence ad some say )

Jen Lee 11 months ago

I wonder if they were dared to stand in the covid ward without masks would they...just to show their proof of would be a nice experiment

Michael Robert 11 months ago

This is what a disconnect from reality, exacerbated by selfishness, looks like.

Milosh Simonovski 11 months ago

Beware of Antifa, they attack anyone who is against the global agenda ;)

Michael Olsson 11 months ago

Just like burning flags.... juvenile.....🤣