VICE - Meet Miami's biggest playboy. When Anwar Zayden...

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Meet Miami's biggest playboy.

When Anwar Zayden isn't hanging out with Donald Trump, he can be found roller blading down the sidewalk in a thong or taking his white stallion for a ride.

Nathan Olson
Nathan Olson4 months ago

not enough men these days have wet ponytails

Kevin Wadalavage
Kevin Wadalavage4 months ago

Once again I’ll say it: Good to see Furio enjoying himself after his time with the Sopranos.

AJ Mihrzad
AJ Mihrzad4 months ago

If Miami were a Person.

Travis Lauritzen
Travis Lauritzen4 months ago

All that money, and he keeps his valuables in a $90 safe from Walmart

Sue Healy
Sue Healy4 months ago

Yup, everyone hangs around him because he’s got a great personality 😆

Adam Deane
Adam Deane4 months ago

I used to love Miami before this article.

Misty Beckenbach-Perez
Misty Beckenbach-Perez4 months ago

Why, Vice??? Clearly the only one that cares about Anwar Zayden, is Anwar Zayden…

Pamela Miller
Pamela Miller4 months ago

Wow, ageing can be cruel.

Kyle Rodgers
Kyle Rodgers4 months ago

The royalty that had a good time with him…

Sean Carver
Sean Carver4 months ago

Horses have claws?