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I am talking with Great American Patriots in Georgia on a TELE-Rally! Join me LIVE!
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States. Hello, I'm really thrilled to be talking with you today. There are a lot of people on this call and I like that and you like that we have a lot of spirit never been so much spirit even beyond 2016, but we think about and talking about the critical decision, Americans will make on November third and the fast forward to really having our country be better than ever before greater than ever before. There's never been a bigger difference between two candidates and two parties are movement is about building. America and protecting our prosperity. If you look at the stock market, it's setting almost record highs again, which is amazing and Nasdaq, is actually at its all-time high. It's been setting records on a daily basis, our security and our liberty, but the radical Democrats want to burn it all down tear it all down. If Joe Biden gets in the far left, Democrats have totally total control over him, total control. He's a puppet and they will get. And they'll destroy our country. You see what's happening all over you see what's happening in Seattle and you see what's happening in Portland. they all have that all over the country. They won't have the law and order that we have to have the Democrats are consumed with hatred for our history for our heritage and our constitution our values our police, our traditional values our businesses and most of all the hatred for anyone who rejects their politically. Ideas there dogma but their ideas and they can't stand it, but I'm moving is based on love of our country and our communities our fellow citizens and our American flag. We're fighting to save America and with your help we will win and it will indeed be greater than ever before. it was better. We had the greatest economy in the history of the world until the China virus hit. I wanna just. Some of the incredible Republicans who are on the line now and fighting right by our side. Senator David Perdue, an incredible senator totally respected in Washington. He's really an idol to many. He's a fantastic man. David Perdue. He's gonna be running and his opponent is not much Super liberal gonna be totally controlled by Schumer. Favorite Purdue is just a highly respected man. He gets what he wants. He's brought so much back to George, including. Aid for farmers when we had the bad weather hits Governor Brian Kemp and other great friend of mine. He's been a really strong leader and he's been through so much opposition with somebody that refused to believe that he said, I had a little bit of what I had refused to accept the fact that she was fairly easily defeated. He's been really a fantastic champion for your state. He loves Georgia. He loves the people of Georgia and it's great to have. Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan somebody that's been really a big help to Brian and to everybody and he's it's great to have him in the call and two great candidates for Congress, a friend of mine, Karen Handel, who is somebody that was in she is missed dearly in Congress and she's going to get back. We need her so much for the Second Amendment for life for so many different things, including our military and the same goes to. Mccormick, who is a just a winner and a warrior and we need Karen and we need rich back. We need we have to get back and rich. They both have my total and complete endorsement. They're strong on Second amendment. They're strong in our military, they're strong and reducing taxes and regulations. all of the things that stands for that We stand for and most of the people in this Co stands for So Karen and So we have to get them back and we'll be helping them a lot. No administration has ever done so much in the first three and a half years as the Trump administration, we achieved record low unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans women young people with a diploma without a diploma with high school without high school workers at all levels of education. Georgia unemployment was the lowest in its history and last year it was the most. Academy in the history of Georgia that's not bad and we're getting it back to where it was. We're gonna be back very soon to next year's gonna be an incredible year when the virus invaded our country. We had no choice but to shut down our economy and we save millions of lives by doing so we had to shut it down. We had no choice. We had the greatest economy ever we had to shut it down, but we did the right thing and we save millions of lives now we're reopening and we've already gained. Point five million jobs seven and a half million jobs That's a new record never happened before that number new business applications have doubled retail sales have been through the roof. car sales and car production just announced yesterday is massive far greater than anybody would have thought even possible at this stage under a pandemic under my administration. China will also be held fully accountable for unleashing the China virus upon the world. That's what happened they could have stopped. I stopped going to China, but they didn't stop it going to the US or Europe or all of the other places A hundred and 88 countries around the world many countries that were once held up as models for fighting. The virus are now experiencing rising case loads, including Germany, Australia, Japan and Israel and France, which proves that the blanket shut downs are not long term solutions. These are countries that were being looked up to and now they're. Hit and they're being hit pretty hard. In some cases. Two vaccine candidates are in the final phases of clinical trials, which is at a record. This could take years and we did it in a matter of months and we will have that vaccine. We expect to have the vaccine itself available before the end of the year as I said, and maybe long before I hope it's gonna be a long before and certainly far ahead of schedule. We've also cut mountains of Red tape to speed the development of hundreds of new Therapeutics and treatments and all sorts of things that nobody thought possible this quickly. Through the paycheck protection program, we provided more than 14 billion dollars over 156000 small businesses in your state, meaning you have a big state. think of that hundred and 56000 small businesses in your state saving one point five million Georgia jobs. We're restoring law and order to Democrat run cities like I hate to say it like Atlanta cuz we love Atlanta. It's a great place. It's a great city, but they've had a lot of problems with the. Nearly 350 people have been shot this year and murder has increased by 34 percent and eight year old girl was gunned down in cold blood after local politicians surrendered to the anarchist Mob and the agitators and our guests. that's exactly what they are and we're surging federal law enforcement into the communities to help solve the violent crime problem you have in Atlanta and Other cities all throughout the country, We're starting a process and this has to do with drugs. it has to do with this basic good policing and we're putting criminals behind bars many criminals behind bars. By contrast, Joe Biden is flooding our neighborhoods with dangerous criminals by abolishing cash bail. Biden also supports sanctuary cities, which are a disaster. Atlanta last year, Ice arrested over 12000 criminal aliens charged or convicted with heinous crime. Rape and murder, Biden would let local politicians set them free as is happening in Philadelphia and many other places. The Fbi has opened 300 domestic terror investigations as a result of the left wing riots. You've been seeing these riots. they're out of control and it's so easy to solve we sent in the National Guard to Minneapolis and by the way Atlanta. If you have any problems, we'll have that National Guard there so fast, you won't even believe it. We're also defend. Our National monuments, anyone who faces our statues or any of our monuments automatically. it's 10 years in prison and once we announced that a couple of months ago, incredibly an amazingly, it stopped happening. They weren't knocking down any of our statues and we have numerous people in jail right now could have long prison sentences. I recently signed for groundbreaking executive orders to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. drug prices have skyrocketed. Than 35 percent under the last administration, they went way up and I'm the first President to lower drug prices and 50 -. One years First President in 51 years in prices will soon be dropping like a rock. they'll be dropping 50 percent or more because for decades, America was forced to pay much higher prices for drugs for prescription drugs than other Nations. We subsidized socialist countries and we funded RND for in for literally. Of the entire world and we paid the price, but now the global free loading is over and my orders require a Medicare to purchase drugs at the exact same prices as other countries pay, we are finally allowing the safe importation of low cost prescription drugs from Canada and other countries. so if other countries sell them for less, we buy them from the other countries and avoid all of the problems of the crazy drug laws that have caused so much we are Most importantly, though, when they sell, it's called favorite Nations, we put in a favorite Nations and I just signed it a favorite nation's law. So if Germany or or UK or any place European Union anyone gets the drugs for less, we get them for the same price. we may reduce prices by 50 6070 percent or more. We also pass right to try for those people that are very ill terminally ill. Well, we have great drugs, possibly but they haven't been approved in the final stages by the FDA. You have a right to try now. For 40 years, they've been trying to get it more than that and to defend your farmers and ranches. we officially replaced the disaster known as Nafta with a brand-new USMCA opening incredible new opportunities for Georgia, agriculture, textiles and manufacturing of all kinds to increase your exports. Even further. I've asked Congress for more than 90 million dollars to deepen the port of Savannah. so the port of Savannah after working on it. for so many years, we're getting it done. We'll be getting it done very quickly when. Targeted our farmers, I provided 28 million dollars in relief all paid for with tariffs that I charged China so compliments of China, but they targeted the farmers and ranches 28 billion dollars over a two year period. I got the money and I gave it back to the farmers. Nobody else would do that. No other President would do that. We've invested more than two point five trillion dollars in our great military, including major contracts to build the F 35 Lightning. Marietta We're doing an F 35 lightning. It's a fantastic. We've now have 270 - seven miles of completed and we'll have up to 500 in fact, will probably go a little bit over 500 miles shortly after the end of the year. we had total opposition from the Democrats, but it's working and we're setting record numbers of people coming across the border record in a positive sense. It's very hard and we have with all of Don't get through the Wall. you can't we pass veterans, choice and veterans accountability for the VA, and we fired more than eight thousand employees who are not giving our vets the care and the respect that they deserve. They were treating our vets badly. You couldn't get rid of the people that were treating them badly. I pass veterans, accountability or accountable to our veterans. and now the VA has a 91 percent approval rating from our veterans, the highest rate we've ever had And remember veterans. For 50 years, I've been trying to get it and I got it so when you have to wait two weeks or three weeks or one week or five days or a long period of time, which unfortunately was happening, you go out you get a private doctor. you get fixed. We pay the bill and number one. we take care of our vets and number two. It actually saves us money and again they've been trying to get veterans, choice and veterans accountability for many decades and they were unable. I got it done. I got them both sides. They're done they're in effect and we're very proud. We're working with governors to safely reopen our school in the fall. We wanna get our schools open a lot of Democrat Governors and Democrat mayors don't wanna do it because they think it'll be good for the election on November third when you gotta get out and vote, but I'm also fighting for school choice. Every parent should be able to send their child to the public, private charter religious or independent school of their choice. We passed the largest package of tax cuts and regulation cuts in American. Saving the average family of four over substantially over $5000 a year and you see that in your paycheck, you see that with what's happening with we've saved a lot of money and you also have $2 gasoline, which nobody thought would happen. It's actually gonna be below that and it's been and has been below that we ended the war on American energy. We're now a net exporter of energy for the first time and again. Gasoline price We're having we have millions of jobs. We're getting a great deal on gasoline for your car so you can travel around and it's made a massive difference. We are energy independent the first time ever We're energy independent, so we don't have to go to the faraway lands and do things that we certainly would prefer not doing. we'll have appointed close to 300 federal judges by the end of my first term, including two great Supreme Court justices. So. Hundred judges could even be a little bit more than that. by the end of the first term. That's a record hasn't been done before, including two great Supreme Court justices and you'll see that in the court system. These are great judges, talented judges and conservative judges judges that do it the right way. Joe Biden has signed a joint manifesto. It's a manifesto literally with Bernie Sanders and the radical left, which means that Biden is now. Running is the most extreme left wing candidate in history, a left-wing candidate and he's not calling the shots they're calling all the shots. they're telling him what to do. you know that all you have to do is watch him and you'll see that Biden his vow to defund the police and to take away your guns. Joe Biden under him, You're gonna have a real problem with your second amendment. I protected your Second Amendment nothing's happening to it. Nothing whatsoever has happened to it, except that it's been totally protected in Joe Biden. You and your family will not be safe. Maybe that's the most important thing I can say cuz ultimately it's about your safety but in his America if he were President and I hope that's not gonna happen for the good of our country. you and your family will not be safe. Biden supported every globalist attack on the American worker, Nafta TP the Horrible Korea deal and China's entry into the WTO. That's a World Trade Organization, China lost. 10000 factories we lost to China 10000 factories while by the vice President and that includes what left for Mexico. We have so many businesses move to Mexico, but under our new great trade bill with Mexico and Canada, they're all start coming back. You watch what's gonna happen. It's already happening. Biden voted for the war in Iraq. He voted for Mass Amnesty of millions and millions of illegal immigrants. Now, Biden supports raising your taxes by. In some cases, we're talking about massive tax increases. Massive regulation increases back in the courts with radical far left judges and destroying your 401, KS and your stocks. If you have stocks you can forget about it because your 401 K and stock will be literally destroyed. You're gonna have open borders and you're gonna have a ripping down the Wall. They wanna rip down the Wall so people just flooding indiscriminately into our country. That's. What we want and the ones that really like what I'm saying are great Hispanic American people that love our country and they love what we're doing on the border. They understand the border better than anybody and they don't want that to happen. They don't want people taking their jobs and they don't want people taking their homes and their safety. So to the many Hispanic Americans on the line, you know it better than anybody else. So Biden if you look and it literally Biden. Arc plus three these are the real leaders Nancy Polocy if you can believe that they want to abolish borders stop all the portations this is in their manifesto and prosecution of illegal border crosses another was they coming illegally and you know prosecute they want to support horrible thank you very cities which protect some very bad people and sent device illegal Alien child's smuggling provide tax payer Lawyers for illegal aliens, so everybody gets a lawyer provide government health care for illegal aliens Free community College for illegal aliens and all travel bans, including from jihadist regions. I got the travel ban approved, everybody said it would never happen. I got it approved. They want a Grant Mass Amnesty end cash bail If you can believe that releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets increased refugee admissions by 700. So increase refugee admissions by seven, we've never had anything like this in the country and vice President closures so that they they close your presences and then provide free federal housing for former inmates. This is things that Bernie Sanders never dreamed about and he's got him in the agreement made with Biden mandate net zero carbon emissions for homes offices and all new buildings mandate zero carbon emissions from power plants. now when you do that you're. Will go literally through the roof. They wanna end school choice abolish charter schools abolish suburbs. What we're doing is we got rid of low income housing in the suburbs. People's Dream was being ripped ripped from them and now if you live in the suburbs, you don't have to worry about that. you'd have a beautiful home. you've fought like crazy to get into the suburbs and by the way African American Hispanic American Asian-American have a big percentage of the housing that was so badly affected in the suburbs and the House values would. Of the crime would go up a tremendous african-american population, Asian American population Hispanic American population in the suburbs. So with your help, it's going to be something very special. We're getting very good. poll numbers are the real Paul's. not the fake calls at the papers put out just like they did the last time we were in Texas recently, it's been unbelievable. The response We have law enforcement endorsements. We have it was an incredible trip and the same thing with Florida and with George I. So much for Georgia again yet the best economy you've ever had in the history of the state in the history of our country and a few of the things just an ending we will at least a full power of the American economy. We created an unprecedented economic miracle once and now we're doing it again and already you see the numbers coming back very quickly. We'll shut down illegal immigration and we'll finish the Wall. But if you're a farmer, you'll be able to get the same people that you've had for many years. We're shut it down but. Farmers will be allowed to have those same people come in. We're not gonna make otherwise you'd make it very tough in the farmers that we've made it very easy on the farmers. We'll be tough and demanding accountability and fair trade will bring medical manufacturing and critical supply chains back to America, which I've been fighting for and succeeding in but we've never ever done the things that I'm doing. We're gonna bring them back to our country. We'll root out anti American bias in our public schools and colleges we will bring. Big Tex assault As you know, we have big tech is being insulted assaulted by so many both in terms of China, assaulting and stealing and big tax assaulting of us because big tech. What they're doing is assaulting free speech at the same time, we're being assaulted because they're stealing. China is stealing our companies and our secrets. So it's a double whammy, but we are going to. Texas assault on free speech At the same time, we're not going to let China and other countries take our great secrets of sort of an interesting combination will defend your god-given rights to bear arms. Your Second amendment will be totally secure your right to bear arms will be totally secure undivided. They will end your second amendment. They will take away your guns as sure as you're listening. We will support the heroes of law enforcement. We will defund sanctuary cities. We will create an immigration system based on merit so people come in and they'll love our country and they wanna work hard and make it successful and we're bringing our troops back as you know from Afghanistan and all these endless faraway places, endless wars and that's happening rapidly, Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria. We're we've done a great job on that. but we're not the policeman of the world will drain the Washington swamp and A Make America greater than ever before, so I just want to tell you next year is going to be an incredible year for our country for our country. Unless somebody raise taxes like the other side wants to do and they wanna raise them viciously and violently next year. We will be one of the greatest years we've ever had. We have more regulation cutting to do we have more tax cutting to do. I'll always fight for the people of Georgia. just like I've been doing for three and a half years, and that's why you're doing so well. Let you down and I never will so get out and vote on November third so important just get out and vote. It's big stuff. it's never been. there's never been a more important vote. This is the equivalent to a greater to what happened in 2016. I wanna Thank you for joining this call so many people I wanna thank you all and God bless America. God bless you all. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. the event has ended if you'd like to support. To make America Great again Press one now To let him know he can count on your support. The Liberal media is a 24 hour attack dog for the socialist working to defeat the President. If he can count on you to donate just a few dollars to help get the truth to the American people Press Two. now the silent majority needs to speak up on Election day. Join our team now as a Trump team leader by pressing three to help get our. Out to your neighbors. Finally, the President needs everyone on this call to text Trump to eight zero two. Thank you and God bless America.

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