Five Spice Fortune Cookies

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Five Spice Fortune Cookies

Full recipe: by Just Eat Life

Posted 6 years ago in Food & Drink

Chloe Stacey Hickman 6 years ago

Callum something for u xx

Daniel Comparan 6 years ago

Step 1- kiss your hand
Step 2-say your crushes name
Step 3- close your hand
Step 4- say a week day for example: Monday
Step 5- say your name
Step 6- open your hand
Step 7- repost this to other 15 pictures
Results- your crush will say they like you on the day you choose

Karina Barroso 6 years ago

Avril Quiroga miraaa! Me acorde de vos cn laa galleta de la fortuna jeje podemos hacer o no?

Margaret-Ann Bilbrey Caudill 6 years ago

Danielle Bilbrey . You could do this with encouraging words before a big test. :)

Patricia Gonzalez 6 years ago

Valeria can we do them?

Lillyann Mena 6 years ago

Pamela I want to make this tbh but I don't have 5 spice

Randi Bekker Marquardt 6 years ago

Jamen det vækker jo minder fra en af vores mega hyggelige aftener sammen😂🍷🙃😜😳😊🍻 Louise Daugaard og Uffe Schmidt ❤️

Giulia Capelletti 6 years ago

Voglio farli Hadeil ci servono per questo nuovo anno della scimmia

Sonia Catalina Dominguez 6 years ago

Beny Dominguez now I know how my sister makes them

Andrew Oquendo 6 years ago

Wilfredo Rivera Albarrán para esto puedes usar las 5 especies que te trajeron de china