I could watch this for hours on end 😍

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I could watch this for hours on end 😍

Posted 1 year ago in Science & Tech

Sammy Sheryl Weitz 1 year ago

I agree with Robyn Steiner Boling....I keep a couple of my favorites on my iPhone so I can just decompress when it's necessary. This is why I keep coming back to your work, not only is it gorgeous, but it is peaceful, relaxing and so very well done. Thank you so much, Adrien!

Debbie Kinder 1 year ago

This absolutely amazes me. It is on my β€œbucket list”. I am sure this is the closest I will get. Thank you for sharing.

David Siles 1 year ago

I want to take a timelapse of this spectacular stuff πŸ–€

Littlejohn Gaston 1 year ago

One of God Creations is a beautiful act of Christ and Nature Amen

Chris Polodna 1 year ago

Music in the sky!

Glenna Merritt 1 year ago

Is the northern lights only in Norway and what month and how long?

Robert Moore 1 year ago

That would be great on mushrooms

Doris Tyler 1 year ago

It's beautiful and hypnotic!!

Jen Huggins 1 year ago

Thank you. Love your pics/vids, just beautiful..β™₯️

Sid Westerman 1 year ago

Yes truly. Love the auroras