U.S. & Russia agree Iran should not have nuclear weapon

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IRAN NUCLEAR PROGRAM: Martha Raddatz reports from Tehran on the eve of Iran鈥檚 high-stakes election and after Pres. Biden says he and Russian President...

Posted 4 months ago in Politics

Anna Goesgreen 4 months ago

Russia is deciding another country should NOT have nuclear weapons- seriously 馃槼

Karim Abdur-Rahman 4 months ago

Explain to the world what's the real problem with The Honorable Islamic Republic of Iran, having nuclear weapons. The rest of the world or those that which wish to have nuclear weapons have been granted the rights. Here's a Country that continue to say to the world. The purpose of nuclear knowledge is for reason that has been explained. The world knows that if, The Islamic Republic of Iran, really wants nuclear weapons there's no reason why they shouldn't. The time has come that the Islamic Countries speak up about the matter and stop being pushed around by the Zionist Republic of the united states and Israel with their Zionist movement. Every Country has to suffer for the sake of two Countries. This is not making any sense.

Becka Hererra 4 months ago

Ken Wilds 4 months ago

Abc/100% BS/worse now than ever/70 years.

Nicole Anderson 4 months ago


Carolyn Varner Jarrette 4 months ago


Wang Yishen 4 months ago


Kelle Punch 4 months ago


Tilias Orr 4 months ago

Why can鈥檛 Iran and any other country had them? America and Russia is 馃あ

Walter Silvera 4 months ago

Every body should have have nuclear power so they can defend themselves from their predators.