Miriam Margolyes AKA Miriam Escobar: The Graham Norton Show

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Miriam Margolyes… a DRUG LORD?! 🤣

Posted 2 months ago in TV & Movies

Loka Bagh 2 months ago

Love some humour…does good for the lungs and mind!

Chantelle Elena 2 months ago

I've always said she would make up my famous 3 celeb gathering if I ever had one! Her story telling is amazing!

Marilyn Town 2 months ago

She is such a treasure ♥️

Iris Davis 2 months ago

Love Miriam Margolyes .... absolute treasure! 😁

Rebecca Cutting 2 months ago

She is amazing. I laugh so hard at her stories 😂

Julie-Sue Oke 2 months ago

Absolute Legend.
Loved it when she was a guest with
Wil l am too
Just hysterical

Slen Virtusuo 2 months ago

I always love stories. She's an absolute delight 😍😍💓

Sarah Bergeron McDuffie 2 months ago

So hysterical. Love Daniel Radcliffe’s reactions. 😂😂

Angelina de Simone 2 months ago

Wonderful person and talented actress...... Love her.

Kat Lazaros Papadopoulos 2 months ago

She's absolute GOLD! Love her ❤