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Posted 5 months ago in Education & Learning

Bret Darren Tvedt 5 months ago

It’s never right to be cruel to anyone, but Steve Harvey didn’t seem to learn that lesson here. He has a history of being unnecessarily cruel to people.

Michael Haycraft 5 months ago

Revenge is for the devil in us, thank that teacher for the drive, she made your future happen, js.

Christen Miller 5 months ago

It makes me so angry a grown adult could do this to a child!! Thank God for you dad. Thank you for becoming a steeple in family entertainment and for helping so many. Sorry for this experience. What an awful person!!

Krystal Jenkins 5 months ago

I had a similar situation with the teachers but wasn't just one it was a couple of them I don't know what it was I drew in class instead of doing my school work instead of giving me the right help they just tossed me to the side and forgot about me not 30 years old can't read fairly polite but wasn't just teachers I always give up by a lot of other people in my life too but my dream some days having a warm home and a hammock in my backyard it's all I ever want in my life got me a home now I'm working on the hammock

Donna Daria 5 months ago

Awesome awesome awesome testimony!
Never let someone decide your future!
That person will always make it too small!
I was told that I would not graduate from high school, l did! I was told that I could only to a community college because that was all that person saw me doing.
I have a master's degree in counseling!!! Why? because my mom believed in me and she never gave up on me. She said l was going to be a nurse because they make good money!! She nevermind gave up on me!!
NEVER!! She, my mother always believed in me!

Donald Stoute 5 months ago

Some teachers don't belong in a classroom, they are 8ters, I had them in my childhood and I live with the memory of yesteryear. They can destroy a child's mind with things that never goes away.

Rick Andro 5 months ago

WOW, once again you spoke to me. Not a stutterers' nightmare, but issues of my own. People, especially children are cruel and can injure the self esteem easily.

Brenda Smith 5 months ago

I was the fat kid in 6th grade..a teacher called me hoss cartwright ..it broke my heart ..yes i am a girl .for a man to tell any child this was so wrong.....

David A Niemann 5 months ago

I stutter and always wanted to be a famous musician. Everyone always told me I can't. now I have 30,000 followers

Joan Varellas Zivich 5 months ago

No teacher would behave that way- but- a small minded human would.

Glad he succeeded!