Take Your Tractor to School Day at Tallulah Academy

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It was "Take Your Tractor to School Day" at Louisiana's Tallulah Academy!

Do schools in your area still do this?

Posted 2 months ago in Education & Learning

Nancy Willey Kreager 2 months ago

Where I live in central Ohio, the FFA students ride their tractors to school (Licking Valley High School), too. People gather along the main street in Hanover and watch them as they head for the high school.

Troy Kelly Hobson 2 months ago

Val Lewis Petrisin remember when they did this at Ty’s school! My kids never got a day to do that!

Joy Lowes 2 months ago

Yes. Rushville High School, Rushville, IN

Donna Maul 2 months ago

Yes in nebraska

Bob Williams 2 months ago

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