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Police caught Milind Soman stealing hearts red handedly. 😱😱


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Posted 2 months ago in TV & Movies

Bharti Chaturvedi 2 months ago

Mallaika ..it wud be beautiful if you used the word "warriors" instead of the word front line "workers"

Sanju Nepali 2 months ago

Gareema Gautam yei Vanya😶😊

Nuna Limbu 2 months ago


Ayi Nos 2 months ago


Denish Lego 2 months ago

Already winner declared herself the whole excitement of the season is gone , does someone has the right to declare her winning before the season ends, or isn't there some contract that forbids them the contestants to do so

Kavita Mishra 2 months ago

I liked her a lot in this episode. She is so inspiring and she is absolutely *unapologetically herself* More contestants like her should come.

Monika Dub 2 months ago

My fvrt anushka mam

Ni Lar 2 months ago

Rachel Momin 2 months ago


Kumari Smita 2 months ago